What do we do?

They are companies, partners and manufacturers
committed to evolution
We work with our technological partners to ensure that they have the best talent for collaborative work.

It is made up of professionals specialized in technology that contribute to the implementation of innovative projects of our allies.

We analyze the needs of today’s businesses and the evolution of the technology market to develop talent because we believe that talent is the key to success and the main driver of transformation.

We contribute to the companies:

We are a team of passionate professionals and experts in professional development, technology, learning and innovation.

We have designed comprehensive specialization tracks for S2W Talent and solutions for companies.

We provide talents :

Interested in training
an S2W Alliance
with us or become
part of our team
of S2W Talent?

Interested in forming a
S2W Alliance with us
or become part of our
S2W Talent team?

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